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We provide 4G internet hire for various corporate and public events across Canada. Stay connected during your business events regardless of which continent you are located on, including Canada or anywhere globally. With our 4G internet solutions, you can access high-speed internet irrespective of where you are. 4G internet rental solutions from OWR Event WiFi in Canada that are entirely based on your event’s requirements. Our 4G internet for businesses is the perfect solution for meetings, exhibitions, or outdoor events. Reliable and fast internet connectivity for devices, including iPads, laptops, computers, smartphones, and more! 

4G Internet Hire
stay connected with 4g hire

Stay Connected With 4G Internet Rental Solution

When it comes to successful event execution, you need temporary and fast internet. Your experience is as good as your connection, and we do it right for conferences, trade exhibitions, business meetings, and outdoor events; OWR Event WiFi offers a 4G internet Rental Solution. You can connect up to 7 devices per 4G router; our 4G internet hire offers temporary internet for any event. 

We offer high-speed and secure mobile internet that will keep you connected in any location in Canada and globally. Easy access for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets with a high-speed MiFi 4G router that gives you the speed and connectivity you need when you need it! 

Bespoke 4G Internet Rental for your Short Term Needs.

Connect up to 7 devices with our Cradlepoint enterprise 4G router, or MiFi routers with their long-lasting battery that will keep you and your guests online for hours. In events, these are perfect as remote access points. Our 4G networking kits will perform regardless of the quality of the venue’s WiFi or the infrastructure in place. It offers you more freedom and versatility. 

Cradlepoint Rental Hire

Cradlepoint Rental Hire:

Enterprise 4G Router

Cradlepoint offers higher-performance yet secure cloud solutions for digital signage and kiosks. Clients often utilize it for remote access points during events or as backups on primary internet connections. Contact us for Cradlepoint rental services 

4G LTE Professional Router


Router Hire

Connects multiple devices in the same area, such as exhibition stands or meeting locations, at a venue where WiFi is unavailable. MiFi router hire is powered with 4G internet, connects up to 1-7 devices, and has excellent battery life. Contact us for MiFi router hire 

4G LTE MiFi Router Hire


Professional Router

Industrial grade 4G and APN networking equipment installation and configuration are available. Our 4G router and APN Networking Kits can power up to 100 devices, and the solution is scalable depending on your needs. 

4G Internet Rental | Your Best Pocket WiFi Solution

Many people wonder what the best travel 4G internet Rental in Canada is. Find out below how to remain connected to the internet anytime and anywhere. 4G internet Rental for Canada is the best travel option to always have access to the internet and stay connected during your trip. Thanks to our 4G internet hire, you can rent the tiny pocket WiFi device 4G LTE MiFi Router Hire and travel tension-free. You can avoid any last-minute calls or webpage checks which may cost you a lot of roaming (voice or data). Travelers who want to remain connected always travel with their internet, and we provide the best solution to avoid data roaming. It provides reliable Wi-Fi access everywhere in Canada. 

Our Customers Choose 4G Internet Rental For

4G Internet For Business Events

OWR Event WiFi provides an easy 4G Internet solution for businesses, in order to get the best quality internet connection when in Canada whilst avoiding sky-high roaming costs. Our 4G Internet solution provides internet; this fantastic portable 4G WiFi service will allow you to access the internet during your stay in Canada. You will have your own WiFi 4G hotspot and will be able to connect to the internet at any time and can connect with up to seven persons at a time. Getting connected to the internet while traveling in Canada has always been challenging. When you rent our 4G internet devices, that challenge disappears! Get the best internet service at your business events with our 4G internet hire! 

Ideal for use on construction sites for either short or long-term projects. 

Uninterrupted Bonded 4G Router for Events in Canada

We know that events, especially those held in remote locations, often experience connectivity issues. No matter where you are, you should always have a reliable internet connection, according to OWR Event WiFi. We minimize the chance of a faulty connection by ensuring it remains operational with our 4G-connected router. 

To ensure that individuals stay connected, our bonded 4G routers are deployed globally. OWR Event WiFi has integrated this technology into our rental services to support your business presentations, conferences, and seminars where you and your visitors can have a constant connection. 

Why Rent 4G Internet From OWR Event WiFi?

OWR Event WiFi is a trusted brand – we deliver high-speed and secure 4G internet hire no matter what size or scale, and for the short or long term. We can fully configure and install the right network at the right price. Our 4G internet solution can also be helpful for various events, including travel, corporate events, educational training, charity auctions, training sessions, seminars, workshops, or outdoor festivals. We are especially adept at handling locations with limited or no internet. 

Our technical staff can assist you through installation and provide continued on-site technical support throughout the event.  

Try Our 5G Internet Hire

Our 5G internet hire is ideal for providing wireless internet for your crew and clients at the event location. This 5G internet is faster than the 4G internet. Our technical staff can assist you with our 5G internet and installation. Contact us now and get a free quote.  

What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“I have now used 4G Internet from OWR Event WiFi and would highly recommend & quality of service. The first time I rented the 4G Internet for around a month and had no issues at all. It was easy and convenient to use & return the product. They have provided me with the best technical staffing and can assist you through installation and continued on-site technical support throughout the event. Now I am looking forward to rent it for the second time for my business event.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

OWR Event WiFi is a provider of 4G rental services for events. They provide wireless internet access via 4G LTE networks, which is an upgrade from the traditional 3G networks. We have tried to answer all the queries. If you have more questions, please contact our experienced team. They will surely guide you with the best solution. 

With our 4G internet hire, you can connect anywhere from seven devices up to one hundred simultaneously, and this can be further scaled if required. Our 4G internet rental offers temporary WiFi solutions for any event or travel location. 

OWR Event WiFi will set up a 4G internet device at your workplace or venue. Our team, with years of experience providing event solutions globally, makes up our technical event team. They are all very skilled professionals. 

Yes, you can upgrade your rental agreement anytime. Contact our team of experts for further information. You can rent for 1 day or more. 

No, OWR Event WiFi will continue to own the 4G internet devices, including the Cradlepoint, MiFi Router, and 4G LTE Professional Router, during and after the rental agreement term. 

Yes, you can, as we cater to businesses across the globe in more than 60 countries. We take pride in our business mission to help companies with their technology needs anytime and anywhere in the world with 24/7 customer support and technical staffing.