Company History

OWR Event Wifi is a global company with a simple mission, to provide the Event Wi-Fi and short term network solutions for your events needs. From our local offices in Toronto and Calgary in Canada as well as another nine locations worldwide, we not only provide bespoke Wi-Fi rental solutions for business events but also equipment rental services. 

We’re not shy about travelling to any location worldwide, including places our competitors won’t, such as APAC region, Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Seoul, Argentina, Thailand, Bahrain, Fiji and Beirut. We’ve brought event technology to every part of the world, on six continents, in over 60 countries and still counting. Come of our clients include United nations, Dior, IMG, NATO, COP, BP, Exxon Mobil and many more. 

Our Team is a diverse group of individuals working in ten global offices to bring your event to life in any size or scale and any location in the world.  We have over ten years of global experience and the right attitude regarding long-term client relationships. We invest tirelessly in our staff with one of the industry’s strictest recruitment and training processes.  

We offer the latest IT rental, including one of the largest inventories of iPad rentals to date. We have unparalleled logistics and guarantee delivery- something our competitors don’t do. With over a decade of positive experience in the event technology and IT rental business, with the field knowledge, training, skill and technology to create digital success consistently. 

We’re here to listen to how we can help you, whether that means a single tablet or 3,000 delivered internationally to your next festival. Contact us anytime to find out how we can assist you, and you’ll notice the difference. 

OWR Event Wi-Fi

How OWR Event Wi-Fi Began?

We began with a commitment to make a difference in the Event Wi-Fi and network access for event manager. We believe Wi-Fi is a critical part of every event and can make the different between are great and average event. We had a small team of like-minded professionals who wanted to create successful digital experiences with the right technology and, of course, the right people.

We created systems and an inventory of technology that we could rely upon, and our business grew. We began sending our team to events to provide technical staffing and support before it became popular. This helped us to develop our name and our brand. We still believe heartily in the basics- the latest technology and the right team- though both inventory and the number of staff have grown quite a bit! 

Our Global Reach

We continued to establish ourselves in the UK while building offices worldwide that would help us support our global mission. We’ve worked tirelessly building local branches to be able to deploy from any worldwide office within 24 hours. We continue to seek out and invest in the latest technology- including features such as storage, processing power, advanced displays, and interfaces that are as intelligent as they are intuitive. Our team has grown to include network engineers who can provide WiFi installation with any infrastructure and a growing technical staffing presence who have seen it all in terms of event challenges. 

Our Global reach

The OWR Event Wi-Fi Difference

We offer not just impressive logistical capabilities and service but the right attitude and the extra commitment when it comes to each deployment. We can integrate any software into your equipment, from standard apps to bespoke software and customized landing pages. We have a Quality Assurance Team that tests and checks every item before deployment because there’s no room for error in event technology. We’re also available for assistance or consultation anytime, day or night. It’s what makes us different from your average Event Wifi company! 

the future of IT

The Future of IT

We stay at the forefront of technology to provide you with a unique, cutting-edge experience and the necessary service and talent to create phenomenal success. Our project managers, operations and logistics Team, delivery fleet, and event technicians work together to develop solutions for your next event that will surprise and delight you.  The best OWR Event Wifi experience is here. We’ll continue to grow together, building events and helping businesses exceed benchmarks.