Boost Attendance at Events with Our Hire Laptop Services

For corporations and organizations, laptops have emerged as essential communication tools. To increase productivity and attendees’ interest while on the go, many businesses decide to provide a significant number of staff and visitors with high-end laptops.

OWR Event WiFi offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to equip their employees or event attendees for business conferences and presentations. Since we have been renting out event technology for more than ten years, we have developed a reputation for the excellence of our rental services for hardware and software solutions.

Hire Laptop Services

Our laptop rental services with Wifi hire solutions at your events can certainly help make them more successful. Overall, offering laptop rental services can help make your events more successful by improving connectivity, enhancing productivity, increasing engagement, and creating a positive attendee experience.

You can choose from a wide variety of laptops, including those made by Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple’s MacBook line, and MSI. Our laptops are prepared to be shipped out and can be with you in as little as 24 hours after you place your order. In order to ensure that you receive your equipment on schedule, our delivery process gets started right away.

Boost Your Business Performance with MacBook Pro Rental

Boost Your Business Performance with MacBook Pro Rental

When it comes to successful event execution, you need temporary and fast internet. Your experience is as good as your connection, and we do it right for conferences, trade exhibitions, business meetings, and outdoor events; OWR Event WiFi offers a 4G internet Rental Solution. You can connect up to 7 devices per 4G router; our 4G internet hire offers temporary internet for any event. 

We offer high-speed and secure mobile internet that will keep you connected in any location in Canada and globally. Easy access for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets with a high-speed MiFi 4G router that gives you the speed and connectivity you need when you need it! 

Hire Dell Laptop for Multitask Business Activities

Dell laptops are designed for the workplace, and their architecture and hardware keep up with your business needs. Renting a Dell laptop can be a useful way for businesses to access the computing power they need to multitask and manage multiple business activities at once. Dell laptop rental can offer a number of benefits for businesses, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and improved productivity.

These laptops have a sleek, businesslike appearance, and their battery allows you to keep working. Dell offers displays that are state-of-the-art and have eye-pleasing colour, brightness, and contrast. This is helpful if you work late-night shifts.

Hire dell laptop

Whether you use Dell laptops for work, entertainment, or gatherings, they are excellent. They are robust, and light, and come with features that make it easier for you to multitask while working on various business projects. 

OWR Event WiFi offers the ability to rent any number of Dell laptops, and we can ship them anywhere in the world. Contact us to get started fast and effortlessly.

Hire Microsoft Surface Pro with Three in-One Functions

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a versatile device that can function as a laptop, tablet, and portable studio all in one. Thanks to its 3-in-1 versatility make it the ideal device for the corporate sector. Hiring a Microsoft Surface Pro can offer a number of benefits for businesses, including flexibility, portability, performance, and versatility.

To organize silent auctions at charitable events and to facilitate Q&A sessions at board meetings, hire a Microsoft Surface Pro. It is useful for event registration in addition to many other more imaginative uses.

Two of the Microsoft Surface Pro’s outstanding features are its all-day battery life and lightning-fast charging times. There are numerous variants and colours for both the ergonomic Arc mouse and the Signature Type cover. Microsoft Surface Pro is available from OWR Event WiFi in any quantity, and we can ship them anywhere in the world. To get started quickly and easily, get in touch with our staff.

Hire HP Laptops for Individual and Business Uses

For customers who require a somewhat larger laptop than the typical size for business occasions, OWR Event WiFi offers a range of HP laptop models, including the 15-inch variants. Thanks to security features like HP Client Security and HP BIOS Protection, users can operate securely on the HP Laptop with ease.

Users who seek comfort, dependability, and functionality will find a range of classic and modern HP models at OWR Event WiFi. How HP pays close attention to even the slightest aspects to maximize comfort for their people is amazing. Offering people a pleasant and easy workflow includes many features like updating their trackpads to ergonomic keyboards. 

Any quantity of HP laptop rentals is available and we can ship them anywhere in the world. To get started quickly and easily, get in touch with our staff.

Hire HP Laptops for Individual and Business Uses
Hire HP laptop Graphics

Hire Gaming Laptops with Powerful Graphics, Advanced Displays, and More

Gamers of all skill levels, from beginner to expert game entrepreneurs, can collaborate with OWR Event WiFi. Our MSI gaming laptop is one illustration of what we offer players looking for a competitive edge. When choosing gaming laptops, organizers must take into account the refresh rate, screen size, and resolution.

The GTX laptop, for example, features state-of-the-art displays, incredible graphics, and speed and performance that will outlast your competitors. It is one of our most recent PC gaming laptops. MSI employs programs like the Dragon Center software and Cooler Boost to optimize the hardware and increase processing power. These are our favourites since they are exceptionally fast, stylish, and capable. 

View our gaming laptops to make your own judgement! With the most recent Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, these laptops can tackle everything without breaking a sweat, from casual gaming to high-end, graphics-intensive applications. Because they have a lot of battery life, you can rely on them to endure the lengthiest gaming sessions. You can rely on our team to always be there for you when you need them most thanks to our excellent customer support.

Hire Reliable Lenovo Laptops to Meet Business Needs

Lenovo laptops are the ideal option if you’re a business owner or event planner seeking premium laptops to rent for your upcoming ground-breaking event. The adaptability, performance, and dependability of Lenovo laptops, and more specifically Lenovo Thinkpads, are well renowned. They are capable of handling any work you throw at them.

You can select the ideal model and configuration for your business and event from a variety of Lenovo laptop models that we rent. For your upcoming event, rent Lenovo laptops to experience the strength and dependability that only Lenovo can offer.

In our huge variety, Lenovo ThinkPad T and X series laptops are the greatest options. These laptops

Hire Lenovo laptop

 include state-of-the-art security measures, Intel 10th Gen vPro CPUs, gorgeous screens, top-notch speakers, and a keyboard that increases productivity, all barely above 2 pounds in weight.

OWR Event WiFi offers the best Lenovo laptop rental services at competitive prices with no additional costs. Get in touch with a member of our staff right immediately!

Hire Windows Laptop

Hire Windows Laptop for Businesses with Better Upgrading Ability

In addition to the Microsoft Surface Pro for a more portable option, OWR Event WiFi offers a variety of Windows laptop rentals from reputable manufacturers including HP, Dell, and Lenovo. In addition to being more economical, Windows laptops provide more options. They are more adaptable, provide more software options, and are simpler to upgrade.

There are several factors that go into the ideal event laptop rental because various events have different needs. The pros on our team at Technology Rental have years of expertise in providing solutions for a variety 

of needs. We can offer advice on the most appropriate equipment based on the specific requirements necessary to deliver the finest event technology solutions. Look through our selection of Windows laptops to find the right device for your business needs. 

Why Choose Owr event WiFi?

OWR Event WiFi solutions support the organization of exceptional events. The development of lasting client relationships is another important priority for us. We can assist you in understanding your alternatives, which include remote access points, satellite internet, tailored bonded internet, IT technologies, and more, depending on your needs.

We have the skills and knowledge required to create lasting connections since we collaborate with professionals at tens of thousands of events each year all around the world. OWR Event WiFi will alter your event.

Do you need Laptop Rental solutions for events in Canada? OWR Event WiFi offers speedy and effective shipping of laptops to any location in Canada, the United States, or the rest of the world.

You might save even more if you rent laptop solutions from us together with additional event supplies like iPads, scanners, wireless printers, and portable printers. To ensure a great event, you should simplify every aspect of your operations. Using our reliable services and solutions, you can get the best equipment available at a lesser price as well as high-speed, secure internet.

With our laptop rental solutions, we provide a wide range of services. When you hire laptops from OWR Event WiFi, you get both seasoned on-site technical support and round-the-clock remote assistance. For any of our clients that require it, we provide a full-time workforce devoted to customer care and smooth technical assistance. 

Pre-event inspections and approvals are performed on all of our equipment, which has been successfully used at events across the world.

Are you looking for a short-term or long-term laptop rental? We provide a range of configurable rental terms, including short-term laptop rentals.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“Everything was well-organized and delivered on time. Amazing experience. They did a great job while communicating, packaging, and helping out on-site. I would suggest it to anyone because it was a great experience.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use laptop hire services in Canada for a reasonable price for your events. We’ve addressed the most frequent inquiries about renting a laptop for events. If you have any further questions about the rental laptops process, speak with one of our professionals right away.

For all business meetings, workplaces, and events in Canada, the USA, and beyond, we offer the most latest laptop rentals. We offer shipping, installation, and on-site assistance to 60 countries. Speak with our experts for more information.

Yes, you can customize laptops according to your business events needs. Consult our experts and share your event requirements. We will guide you to make your event successful. 

The quantity, duration of the rental, location, lead time, and technical requirements are the five main variables that impact a rental’s cost. You can get various accessories as well as one-of-a-kind setups for any quantity of PCs. Internet routers, switches, 4G aircards, printers, fax machines, wireless keyboards and mouse, gaming displays, and headphones are examples of accessories. Get in touch with us for further details about renting a laptop.