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Temporary Wi-Fi hire services by OWR Event WiFi deliver immediate connectivity for offices, events, and conferences, enabling your team to get connected immediately. Available for short-term or long-term hire, we can have you up and running with business-grade internet within 24 hours. Bonded 4G Rental is a good option with Long range antennas and OWR Event WiFi can provide this as a fast turnaround option amongst other solutions. Simply speak to our Event Wi-Fi experts for temporary Wi-Fi needs for your events in Canada and USA.

You require temporary internet service for events or for your temporary office setup. Whether you have a dozen attendees or a thousand, we have the experience and the technical engineers to provide you with temporary Wi-Fi that is consistent, fast, and secure.

Temporary Wi-Fi Hire

This can involve choices like setting up a remote access point, a custom-bonded internet connection, a hardline, a satellite, a MiFi, and more. Because you can’t always rely on the venue’s Wi-Fi, you need a backup method. Sometimes satellite communication is necessary when an event is held in a location without phone lines or cables, is mobile, or takes place far from any infrastructure.

Temporary Wi-Fi Hire
Temporary Internet Solutions and Portable Connectivity

Temporary Internet Solutions and Portable Connectivity

With the OWR Event WiFi Temporary Wi-Fi solution, you can provide a reliable internet connection for hundreds of devices with nothing but a power outlet. Since we have been setting up temporary Wi-Fi for workplaces and events for almost ten years, we can provide you with various helpful connectivity options. Structured cabling, access point rentals, customized bonded internet, hardlines, satellites, and even our newest product, a scalable Wi-Fi solution that you can activate with a plug point and a single switch, are some options. It goes by the name Wi-Fi in a Box.

Give us a call; we’ll talk over the requirements for your event or temporary office setting, get a free quote, and share some of the options we can provide that are competitively priced. In terms of Wi-Fi solutions, our staff is experienced so that you are covered with safe, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi during your event and business setup.

Temporary Internet for Events Starts Here!

You can take this Temporary Wi-Fi companion anywhere your next event leads you. It includes pop-up shops, seminars, workshops, and corporate conferences, moreover temporary office setups. Bring it to festivals and business meetings or boost Wi-Fi at an exhibition or tradeshows. 

It’s compact, portable, carefully packaged, and completely user-friendly. OWR Event WiFi will provide regional plugs, so you can use them anywhere with 110v or 220v. It’s easy to take with you, and there’s no installation or breakdown of this Wi-Fi solution. Do you need delivery? We’ve got it covered- and can promise deployment to any location worldwide.

Temporary Wi-Fi Solutions For business Events

Our Event WiFi solutions have been specifically designed to match the needs of business events, conferences, temporary offices, outdoor events, concerts, music festivals, exhibitions, and much more!

The importance of the internet at events has grown along with its importance in daily life. Your event will go smoothly thanks to our dependable, lightning-fast internet connections, which will also provide your customers with a connection that is better than what they have at home.

Our customers choose temporary Wi-Fi rental solutions for

Why Rent Temporary Wi-Fi From OWR Event WiFi?

OWR Event WiFi is a trusted brand – we deliver high-speed temporary Wi-Fi no matter what size or scale, and for the short or long term. We can fully configure and install the right network at the right price. Our Temporary Wi-Fi hire solution can also be helpful for various events, including travel, corporate events, educational training, charity auctions, training sessions, seminars, workshops, or outdoor festivals. We are especially adept at handling locations with limited or no internet.

Our technical staff can assist you through installation and provide continued on-site technical support throughout the event. 

Reasons to Use Temporary Internet Hire

The following are just a few of the many benefits of using OWR Event WiFi’s temporary Wi-Fi.

To Meet Expectations of Attendees

To Meet Expectations of Attendees

For live demonstrations, in-person networking opportunities, and the chance to distribute business cards, people in your field would typically attend corporate events in the past. Even though this still occurs, participants of modern corporate gatherings have higher expectations for the services, technology, and connectivity offered. Now a need, free Wi-Fi is no longer an option.

To Keep Everyone Connected in The Business Event

To Keep Everyone Connected in The Business Event

Consider the number and wide range of guests and stakeholders you intend to engage with when evaluating the benefit of establishing robust temporary Wi-Fi for events. Customers, clients, business partners, workers, contractors, and presenters are all making simultaneous attempts to join the network on dozens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of different personal devices. Because of this, you cannot afford any bandwidth-related problems. Your Wi-Fi network is increasingly important the larger the event.

To handle Peak Internet Usage in Corporate Events

To handle Peak Internet Usage in Corporate Events

If having an internet connection is crucial, it must be reliable and powerful enough to handle peak usage times. After conducting your pre-event projections to determine when and how much the Wi-Fi network would likely be strained (due to more devices, downloads, streaming, etc.), you should next determine the amount of bandwidth and frequency needed to accommodate this anticipated consumption.

To Engage Your Attendees

For Live Streaming

Suppose you want to increase stakeholder involvement by live streaming your business event to people in the audience or anyplace else in the world. In that case, you’ll need networking hardware and Wi-Fi coverage to handle the load. Live video streaming’s influence is just as strong as the link that makes it possible. It is worse to broadcast low-quality event videos than to have no stream at all.

Are you looking to set up quality temporary Wi-Fi for events? Get in touch with OWR Event WiFi today!

For Live Streaming

To Engage Your Attendees

What are the benefits of temporary Wi-Fi for events that won’t let you down in a pinch, aside from protecting your company’s reputation and offering a trustworthy service? Better audience engagement, to put it briefly. To interact with a specific audience, you are hosting this event. The proper internet coverage supporting your interactive technology and digital marketing techniques is necessary for you to be able to do that, though. In light of this, a special Wi-Fi network allows guests to access official event apps, keynotes and sessions, information platforms, downloadable content, video demos, social media dialogues, online surveys and competitions, and more. You hold an event to provide possibilities for these interactions.

Rent MiFi Router a compact solution

Rent temporary Wi-Fi like our Mifi router for a compact and on-the-move solution. The Mifi router can fit nicely in your pocket, making it convenient to carry. It can connect up to 7 devices to the internet simultaneously and only require one 4G data SIM card for these seven devices.

OWR Event WiFi’s clients often rent temporary Wi-Fi like our enterprise 4G router for their quick office setups so that they do not have to be tied down to signing a contract with their local telecom operator. It allows them instant internet connectivity and flexibility if they want to move into their new office in less than a month. 

We also provide an all-in-one plug-and-play Wi-Fi setup for clients looking for a fuss-free solution yet catering to a large crowd. Our Wi-Fi In A Box is ideal for events with higher traffic flow as one device can simultaneously provide internet to over 100 users. It is lightweight and equipped with a wheeled-pull handle, allowing easy transportation. It is so simple to install that you have to plug it in, flip the switch, and it starts in just 3 minutes!

What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“Customer service was excellent when I inquired about my order and has been great from times I’ve contacted in the past. I needed a Temporary Wi-Fi rental for my business event. My order was in bulk quantity but they provided me with short notice. I received the order as requested. I also needed their technical staffing and the staff provided was a great help. OWR Event WiFi is very much professional and experienced. I will surely recommend it to others. All their devices worked well. Thank you OWR Event WiFi!”

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Yes, you can upgrade your rental agreement anytime. Contact our team of experts for further information.

No, OWR Event WiFi will continue to own the temporary Wi-Fi during and after the rental agreement term.

Yes, you can, as we cater to businesses across the globe in more than 60 countries. We take pride in our business mission to help companies with their technology needs anytime and anywhere in the world with 24/7 customer support and technical staffing.