Get Wi-Fi in a Box to Make Your Event Successful With Uninterrupted Internet

You may have heard of a new Wi-Fi option,  the name is Wi-Fi in a Box, and using it is just as simple as it sounds. With Wi-Fi in a Box, a single plug point and a switch are all that is needed to turn on the Wi-Fi box portable solution. It is a Pelican case that weighs around 10 kg and can be rolled or carried by a side handle. Within three minutes of plugging the Peli case into a regional plug point, Wi-FI is established for up to 100 users* within a 40-meter radius. You get bonded, 4G managed internet in an easy to use plug and play solution for your event without need of onsite network engineers or technicians.  


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For seminars, conferences, festivals, and pop-up events, clients are hiring it. A safe, fast mobile data network is transmitted by each Wi-Fi in a Box. We will give you regional plugs so the system is ready to use worldwide. Rent Wi-Fi in Canada easily using the OWR Wi-Fi in a box. 

Wi-Fi in a Box is available throughout Canada and the United States. Contact our experts for Wi-Fi in a box. We can develop a solution that works for you if you tell us the radius in which you want to offer Wi-Fi! 

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Portable Wi-Fi Box - How Does It Work?

This Wi-Fi in a box is fast, reliable, and secure, making it perfect for all kinds of events, including festivals, trade shows, product launches, conferences, and exhibits. With 4x 4G/LTE advanced service providers, Wi-Fi in a Box offers improved speed and 99.9% uptime. Additionally, you can regulate the amount of bandwidth each user receives using Wi-Fi in a Box, and extra SSDIs are optional (or Wi-Fi networks). 

It is simple to Install,  plug it in, flip the switch, and it will start in 3 minutes. Per box, 100+ users can be accommodated. It can be scaled up as much as needed. It is versatile, portable, compatible with local plug points, and reasonably priced. Do you need a quote for one of our Wi-Fi box solutions? Contact us right now! 

Why is High-Speed Internet Necessary at Events?

Attendees will spend more money and stay longer at events with reliable Wi-Fi. It makes it possible to register for events using iPads, check-in apps, and mobile printers that can print wristbands, id cards, and passes on-site.  

Wi-Fi in a box is fantastic for all kinds of event apps, including online polling (used more often than ever at meetings) and silent auction apps, which are utilized at charity fundraisers. Vendors can receive orders and complete transactions quickly thanks to Wi-Fi in a box. It promotes internet networking between events and improves visitor interaction. 

Additionally, we provide 24/7 live help with a technical team that will explain all you need to know about

 it in terms that are simple to comprehend. Our team of experts is always ready to assist. 

The Advantages of Using Wi-Fi in a Box

There are several aspects of Wi-Fi in a Box that are advantageous. It has a weight of less than 10 kg and is packaged in a Peli case with a handle for carrying and one that extends for rolling the box along with you. It was designed to be a portable event Wi-Fi solution. 

It is a mobile internet solution that is small, strong, and built to last for any business. Created for travel on buses, trains, and airplanes, this mobile event Wi-Fi is a scalable system that offers broadband for up to 100 users at a distance of roughly 40 meters. 

Need more coverage in Canada and the United States?  We can scale your Wi-Fi according to the needs of your event and customize it. In addition, it supports all Wi-Fi security requirements and provides private SSIDs. 

Our Customers Choose OWR Wi-Fi in a Box for Events Including:

Why Choose OWR Event WiFi?

OWR Event WiFi values developing long-term client relationships. Your entire satisfaction is our top priority. We take care of upgrades, storage, hardware integration, software development, and distribution to any location in the world. 

Do you need help with Wi-Fi in a box for exhibits? Please let us know what you need and how we can help. You get a free estimate as well as plenty of event technology knowledge. 

The Best Rental Price Guarantee

Our goal is to offer exceptional technology products at reasonable costs while ensuring your total satisfaction.

Largest And Latest Inventory

How to hire Wi-Fi in a box? Enjoy our Wi-Fi internet services and all other technologies for events. We have a large inventory of the latest technologies.

24/7 Technical Support

If you need help with Wi-Fi solutions for events or troubleshooting, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professionals at any time if you have any technical questions.


Quick Worldwide Delivery

Looking for portable internet for events in Canada? At OWR Event Wi-Fi, with efficient and rapid shipping, Wi-Fi in a box can be delivered to anywhere in Canada, the United States and anywhere in the world.

Deployment within 24 hours

In less than a day, we can deliver and deploy the installation. Speak with one of our staff members to learn more.


Worldwide Presence

Our shipping, installation, and on-site support services are available to clients in more than 60 countries across six continents. We provide services to over 5,000 enterprises worldwide.

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What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us

We hired Wi-Fi internet service for our corporate event for app launching. It was pretty handy to use from there on out. Amazing experience and everything was organized and delivered on point. We fully endorse their work. Highly Recommended! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a reasonable price, you can use our portable Wi-Fi box for travel and events in Canada, the US, and all around the world. The most frequent inquiries about using Wi-Fi in a box for business have been addressed. If you still have questions about the Wi-Fi hire process, speak with our experts right away. 

For all business meetings, workplaces, and events in Canada, the United States, and beyond, we offer the most advanced Wi-Fi  internet services. To 60 countries across 6 continents, we provide shipment, installation, and on-site support. To find out more, talk to our professionals. 

We specialize in providing wifi rentals, and we can accommodate any requirement, whether it’s short- or long-term. Your specific needs will be met by our organization. Contact us right away to request a quote! 

Your rental agreement’s conditions may alter or be extended, yes. If you want further information, get in touch with our team. 

No, after the rental period is over, the tech components, along with any accessories, remain OWR Event Wifi’s property.